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Weddings in the time of COVID-19

We’ve been working with Markel Specialty the last couple of years to promote the importance of event insurance – bringing creativity and fun to finance topics with real stories of wedding day problems. But a pandemic changes everything.

In the range of complications caused by COVID-19, the impact on upcoming weddings and other social events takes a back seat to concerns over the public health, but that doesn’t make wedding postponements or cancellations any less heartbreaking or stressful. Now engaged couples are trying to figure out what to do next. Can they reschedule? What will future event restrictions look like? For those who had event insurance, they also need to know what to expect when filing a claim, as that process may also impact future plans for rescheduling.

Our latest effort with Markel Specialty focuses on helping those who were planning to get married this year understand their options and learn what the insurance claim process is like:

  1. What to do when COVID-19 ruins your wedding plans
  2. What to expect when filing a wedding cancellation claim

Markel Specialty also wants to share stories of perseverance and creativity, because while the pandemic may change how events work, it won’t stop people from getting married and sharing their joy. Whether or not you had event insurance, do you have a great story? If it’s too late to reschedule, how are you moving forward with a very different wedding day? If you are able to reschedule, what have you done to reimagine the day?

We’d love to hear from you and with your permission will share your story. Please share with Markel Specialty by emailing